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What is YO Challenge?

YO Challenge is the perfect environment for individuals wanting to accomplish goals, create healthy habits, and improve themselves in anyway.  Individuals participate in "Social Challenges", which are custom competitions with a theme.  These challenges are a fun way to commit yourself to follow a routine and hold yourself accountable.  Not only will you benefit from these challenges, but you will have the opportunity to help others along the way.

Select a challenge

The first step is finding a challenge theme that is right for you.  You may be interested in a challenge that  is designed to encourage an overall healthy lifestyle, or you may be looking for something a little more extreme, like preparing for your first triathlon.

Next, choose the type of challenge that meets your needs.  Would you prefer to compete as an Individual (by yourself), as a Couple (with your companion), or in a Team (with 4 others)?

Last, determine whether you would like to HOST a challenge, or simply JOIN a challenge.  To host a challenge means that you are the person that sets up the challenge, creates all the rules, and has special administration rights.

Select a charity

One of the best parts of YO Challenge, is that there are great charities that will benefit from the entry fees of all participants.  One very important element to YO Challenge, that helps each participant be successful, is that of commitment. One of the ways that we "force" you to commit is by requiring an entry fee. With a little skin in the game, you'll be more committed, mentally.

Now, 100% of the entry fee amounts, above the small site fee, will be given to the charity that was chosen by the host.  This is what makes it so that literally, everyone wins!  Now, just to be clear, the monies paid as entry fees do not qualify as a charitable contribution, as far as taxes are concerned.  Nonetheless, they will accomplish their purpose in helping you be committed, helping us maintain and improve our site, and helping great charities serve those in need.

Invite others to join your challenge

One of the best ways to accomplish goals is by synergizing with others.  There are so many people, just like you, that are constantly striving to improve themselves.  YOchallenge creates an environment of committment and accountability.

You will be much more successful, and the challenge will be more fun, if you motivate all of your friends and family to do it with you.  They will thank you for inviting them to join a community where everyone is interested in helping each other.  Once again, YOchallenge is the perfect environement where everyone wins.

Start now!

So, what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to get started!

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